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Tiny Tots Classes

Our Tiny Tots class is a fun introduction to Physie for three and four year olds in a 30-minute dance lesson once a week.


Girls will be introduced to the basic Physie positions and learn how to move to music in a fun and supportive environment. We will build their confidence, develop a good posture, and develop their strength, grace and flexibility. At Everton Physie we focus on fun, fitness, families and friendship!


Tiny tots will share their love of dance with family and friends and show off their moves in non-competitive dance displays with other girls at club competitions.

WHEN    Tuesday 3:45-4:15pm   

Classes start Tuesday 14th February and run until mid/end October
There are no Tiny Tots classes during Easter Holidays.


WHERE   Arana Hills

WEAR     Leotard or one-piece swimsuit


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