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Benefits of Physie

Healthy Body

Physie routines are designed by specialist choreographers to develop:

✓ Strength

✓ Good posture

✓ Fitness

✓ Flexibility

✓ Balance

✓ Co-ordination

✓ Discipline


Healthy Mind

Physie is an activity proven to improve confidence, boost self-esteem and create a positive sense of achievement in all members. BJP Physie’s encouraging and motivating community creates an environment where girls are empowered to reach for their highest goals.


Life Skills

Physie teaches important skills that assist in a child’s development, including improving academic achievement and social skills. These include:

✓ Body geography

✓ Spatial awareness

✓ Concentration

✓ Sequencing

✓ Fine and gross motor skills

✓ Left/right discrimination

✓ Listening skills

✓ Rhythm

✓ Memory

✓ Teamwork

✓ Musical Appreciation


Fun & Friendship

Physie is a great way to add more fun into your life. Although Physie takes focus and dedication, you will be constantly surrounded by cheerful people who make keeping fit a fun and rewarding experience. Come along and join us!

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